Why is Outlook not working on the iPhone?

27 October 2021

One of the most common and efficient ways of communicating is the Outlook app. This very simple email app works well on an iphone. Nevertheless, this efficient app can also sometimes cause problems and fail in doing the required thing. If your Outlook is not working on iphone and you are facing issues in receiving or sending your emails, look at the various ways given below which can help you to fix this issue.
What causes the Outlook to not work on an iphone?
There can be many reasons for Outlook to not work and cause problems. It can be due to the mail app settings, email account configuration, or some software glitches.
Check the methods given below and fix the Outlook app not loading emails. The given ways will only help you if something in the device is wrong.
Way 1: Check Mail Days to Sync Settings

  • Visit the settings options and click on passwords and accounts.
  • Click on the already set up Outlook account and click on the Mail Days to sync.
  • There will be many options provided to you. You can choose any option youwant but if you want all the emails to sync, hit on No limit.
  • It may take a while but all the emails will sync after your selection.

Way 2: Reset Network Settings

The network settings on your device can also be the reason for this issue. Try to reset it and see if it’s fixed.

  • Go to the settings options and select General.
  • Click on ‘reset’ after scrolling down.
  • Hit on “Reset Network Settings”. It will ask for your password, enter it and confirm the procedure.

The above-provided ways can be very helpful in fixing your problem with the Outlook app. If you still have any more questions, refer to: emailspedia.com.